Have you felt a heaviness inside you?

A feeling that surfaces when nothing is going your way,

Or when things are looking too optimistic,

A gnawing dark feeling,

That terrible things have happened before,

It can happen again,

Words that stung, incidents that left you wounded,

The accomplished lives of others that piqued your envy,

You carry this feeling with you forever,

It’s dormant at times but it’s not gone,

It sits there waiting to be sparked,

Waiting for you to welcome it once more,

It’s not your fault that it grew like mold inside you,

You were chewed up and spit out,

It was easier to let it take hold of you and blossom,

You want to feel light, secure and happy,

You are trying to check-in to the airline,

But they ask you pay up,

”you have excess baggage” they say,

You have to make a decision on the spot,

Let the excess baggage go or pay the hefty price,

The extra suitcase was going to be a burden on my journey.

Will I choose to let it go?

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