On Thursday when I woke up I found a broken cage next to my bed, I knew my brother had done it. He always ruined everything for me. I was angry with him for days after the incident. School and our busy lives distracted us until the morning of Diwali. The day of good triumphing over evil. We were setting up the house under my mother’s strict supervision when I heard chirping. I ran into the balcony of my apartment and there she was! My beautiful parrot Shirley, named after my favourite author. “She came back for me! I am going to keep the cage locked from now on Ram!” I yelled at my brother.

Ram broke the cage several times after that day, he truly believed that Shirley belonged to cruel nature where she would be free but fight for her survival. I never looked for her, she came back each time on her own. I could protect and care for her, but I could not cage her with Ram around.

Shirley didn’t stay long every time she came back, she sat on my balcony and waited for me. After perching on my shoulders and pecking my hair, she flew back into the trees. Over the years, I threw the cage away and instead cherished the few fleeting moments I got to spend with her. 

I left a small bowl of grain outside every week. I woke up one Thursday, to find the bowl untouched. It remained empty for a while. I realised that Shirley must have passed or let nature consume her. I hope she lived an unshackled life amongst the trees wherever she was. 


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